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Thread: Trying out the world of music

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    Default Trying out the world of music

    Around Christmas last year i went and got myself FL Studio 10 and shortly after a few sound banks and some VST plugins.

    Now alittle over half a year later i have managed to produce five songs/remixes, first song was a remix of Clocks by Coldplay, inspired and modeled after a remix of the song made by Ason ID.
    Second remix was of the song Flying High by DCX.
    Third tune was an attemt at something of my own but with the basic canon in d chord progression backing it.
    Fourth tune was a remix of a song from the recently released game Amnesia A Machine for Pigs, called Mandus Theme.
    Fifth tune, which was released today is a second attemt at something of my own, but also here using the chord progression from an existing song was recycled, which i out of the blue started to play on my keyboard one day, this time it was that of Forever Young by Alphaville.

    Here are some links to the above tunes: <-- version 2 with different beginning and ending. <-- my original version, acapella provided by the original artist himself. <-- an attemt at something along the lines of happy hardcore. <-- an attemt at something house'ish. <-- i call it a vocal remix, with voices and sound effects from the game. <-- my original remix.

    I do realize that i have a long road ahead of me and alot to learn before i will even begin to sound anywhere near professional.
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    So some time has passed since my last post here and a preview of a new tune has been released.

    The link:

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    Yet again some time has passed since i last visited this forum, and again i have a few new tunez.

    Avicii - wake me up remix/remake:
    Avicii - The Nights remix/remake:
    Sash - La Primavera remix/remake:
    Andrea Boachelli feat Sarah Brightman - Time to say GoodBye remix/remake:

    And a remix of one of my own old tunes from 2013:

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