Today, Sunday the 13th of October is Thanksgiving Day up and over here in Canada! A day to reflect on the things you are thankful for! Sounds a little corny...the emphasis is on family and friends getting together for a feast of turkey and pumpkin pie!

In silent reflection I have a lot to be thankful for...great family and friends, a great country to live in even though we are probably the highest taxed in the world, no civil wars, crime predominantly linked to the drug trade (not a good thing but it doesn't relate to me),and overall just a pretty dam good life! Of course I am very thankful for all my dear music friends on MD and otherwise and I am thankful that I grew up with The Beatles!

I know our American friends celebrate Thanksgiving at or around the end of November! (so close to must be very expensive!

When do the UK, Australia, Greece, and other countries of the folks celebrate Thanksgiving or the equivalent of ? I have a South Korean friend and they celebrate the equivalent on August 15th.