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    Musicians I need your help. I have been playing guitar since I was seven,I am now 51. Old man yeah, but I could still tear it up.Anyway, as things
    go when you start gettin up there,two of my disks slipped in my neck ang I had to have surgery. It ws a great succes but,now I gotta laylow for about a year. So ya might say. whats that got to do w/ me MR.G. Well, I want to build a musicians web site while I got all this time. I would like suggestions from you guys about what you would like to be on it, and I meam for ultimate fantasy type.Will you help me out.? If you visit this place please leave your suggestons and a contact I can add to my mass email list to keep you updated. Thanks, Mark. P.S. If my typing or wording seems like I am stupid, I am not, just loaded on Vicodan amd Valium. L.O.L

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    I'm not personally a musician but i have many connections with new and upcoming bands, i would love to hear more about this website and hopefully get a few bands i know of to join!! what type of musicians are you looking for??

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