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    Lightbulb Greetings!

    This seems to be one of the more content rich and valuable music forums available, so I figured I would join and contribute. My name is James Logan. I am a self taught musician from NJ (guitar/producer/singer/rapper/songwriter). I've been playing guitar in a hip-hop band for several years and have recently started releasing solo material. I am a fan of all things favorite artists include Imogen Heap, Andre 3000, Dance Gavin Dance, Olafur Arnalds, Childish Gambino, and Kanye West, among many others. I love raw uninhibited emotion expressed through sound (dance gavin dance) as well as logical, masterfully constructed works of art (Heap) and everything in between. If it's good. I'm also very critical. I look forward to interacting.

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    That good James hoping for Good.

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    Welcome to MD!
    "I said, I found the secret to life, I found the secret to life
    I'm okay when everything is not okay, is not okay"

    ~Tori Amos, Upside Down

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