Hi hoping to find out some songs similar songs, there all kind of western/country/acoustic with a bit of rock, not full on rock. I have been searching for ages trying to find a genre that these songs fall under, so if anyone knows any other similar songs like these I would really appreciate it.

Here are the Songs:

Grounds for Divorce (Elbow)
Beat the devils Tattoo (Black Rebel Motorcycle Gang)
Man eater (Blue Eyed Blondes)
Wild and Wasted Waters (kill it kid)
Heart Rested with you (kill it kid)
Run (Kill it kid)
Sweetness has a hold on (kill it kid)
Prey on me (Kill it kid)
Awake O Sleeper (The Brothers Bright)
Blood on my Name (The Brothers Bright)
Lead Me Home (Jamie N Commons)
Soul of a Man (Steven Stern)
Electric Worry (Clutch)
The Regulator (Clutch)
Drink the Water (Justin Cross)
Black (Kari Kimmel)
Left lane Cruiser
Freedom (Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boynton)
Too Old to Die Young (Brother Dege)
Ain't no grave (Johnny Cash)
Who Did That to You (John Legend)
Evil Ways Justice mix (Blues Saraceno)
The Fear (Robin Loxley)
Save my Soul (Blues Saraceno)
Crop Wont ever Come (Robin Loxley and Jay Hawke)
Judgement Day (Blues Saraceno)
Run On (Blues Saraceno)
Symmetry of the Cemetery (Tombstone Three)
Hang Em High (Nick Nolan)
Guilty Man (Nik Ammar)
Rain Down (Robin Loxley)
Gunnin' for you (Nick Nolan)
Diggin My Own Grave (Nik Ammar)
Blackest Hour (Tombstone Three)
The Burnin' (Nik Ammar)
God will Cut you Down (Robin Loxley and Jay Hawke)
Bread and Butter (Hugo)
Barton Hollow (The Civil Wars)
Fire and Brimstone (The Bootleggers)
99 Problems (Hugo)
Civillian (Wye Oak)
Ain't no rest for the wicked (Cage the Elephant)
western parts from C2C - Down The Road