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Thread: Great to be here. Hello everyone!

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    Post Great to be here. Hello everyone!

    Hi, everyone. As my profile says my name is Semitone and I just can't get enough music. Reading about it, talking about it and of course listening to it when I have the time

    I used to be a bit of a music snob but I want to have a more open mind in future an expand my music taste with the help of people who know genres better than me.

    I used to play Saxophone in a concert band and now I'm taking flute lessons.

    I love Saint Saens, Glenn Miller, Slavic folk songs and a good national anthem though for me no-one beats Blondie.

    I also love strange and exotic intruments or familair ones in unusual contexts.

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    I cannot find the way to describe myself to show you all that innocent feelings that i have hidden inside my HEART & SOUL.
    I also love to listen folk music at night.

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