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Thread: Happy Birthday Ray Charles

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    Default Happy Birthday Ray Charles

    In Celebration of the life and music of a
    Piano master and an absolute icon of American
    popular music.

    Every time I listen to Ray my whole body experiences
    the distinct emotions of the song he is performing. I can't
    think of any other artist who can so clearly tell the emotional history
    of his life through music in such a universally accessible

    Today belongs to Ray Charles!
    Hours of Live Video in his honor..

    "With singing, the name of the game is to make yourself believable. When somebody hears you sing a song and they say, "Oh, that must have happened to him," that's when you know you're transmitting. It's like being a good actor. You make people feel things, emotions and whatnot. But you gotta start with yourself. You got to feel it yourself. If you don't feel it, how do you expect someone else to?" - Ray Charles

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    Happy Birthday to one of my favorites. He was a genius in the music industry. Gone but not forgotten. RIP Ray Charles!!

    Modern Country: You don't have to stay in key. They will put you in key.. Merle Haggard

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