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    What is the earliest instance of a song featuring hypnotic female vocals over Electronic Music?
    A recent example is this Cuda Way advertisement. Prior to that was Like a G6. Perhaps Teardrop is relevant. Who invented that style?

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    I believe these voices may have derived from the Folk and Acoustic artists (like Joni Mitchell) in the 60s and 70s as well as from the Trip-Hop vocalists (like lead/guest vocals of Morcheeba, Massive Attack & Portishead) in the 90s.

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    silence by delerium is trance based - its wicked - with sarah maclaghlan

    also the woman who sings teardrops is called Elizabeth Fraser, shes one of my favourite female singers - from the cocteau twins and she collaborated with massive attack

    i also came across this artist called Eurielle whos new - nobody seems to be doing what shes doing atm , watch her !

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