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Thread: The Golden Willow Tree - Copland

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    Lightbulb The Golden Willow Tree - Copland

    Hello all,

    I have a question for anyone who has performed "The Golden Willow Tree." I am finding in my rehearsals that I can do more with the story and the text is clearer when I slow the tempo down. However, I like the up beat feel that Copland has marked in the score. If anyone else has performed this piece, what did you do with the tempo?


    starting at 5:18

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    I have send to you detailed of "The Golden Willow Tree."

    The text of "The Golden Willow Tree" is the most extensive of the collection, featuring a fairly lengthy narrative tale of maritime exploits. Although Copland completely modified the contour of the melodic line, he retained the modal ambiguities found in the original folksong. Copland's reworking of the melody for "The Golden Willow Tree" can be found in the holograph sketches of the Old American Songs (set II), available online through the Aaron Copland Collection at the Library of Congress:

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    Awesome. Thanks I'll take a look!

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