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Thread: Musical Reharmonization

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    Lightbulb Musical Reharmonization

    Hello to everyone of MusicDiscussion, Did you ever heard about musical reharmonization ?
    This is a complex topic in Music Theory, with it is possible modify a original music so that it
    can still be recognized by everyone, but without causing any break in music. For this to work,
    is necessary use some reharmonization techniques...
    Recently I majored in Computer Science, I and a friend worked with musical reharmonization aided by computer
    in our course completion assignment. Our initial idea was "Modify a harmony of a music, so that, it can still be
    recognized by everyone", then we did it!! It was created a software that allows reharmonize musics!

    I'm very glad to present you a never seen before musical reharmonization software!!
    Obviously that there are some limitations, for instance, our software only works with the harmony of music score, so
    the melody continues unchanged, besides that, the software doesn't works with rhythm, only with changes in harmony
    (chords substitutions, adding of tension notes, for instance).

    Nowadays our software is published in google play and is available to android phones, if someone is interesting the free
    version of the software can be visualized here:

    We will be happy with your opinions or suggestions.

    Thank very much for your attention,

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    Default App Demo Version Updated

    Hi to everyone, I've updated the demo version of app to accept any mifi file (the demo version was limited to
    accept just some midi files to test). The updated will be available in some hours.

    I would like very much of your opinion. :-)


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