ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ROOTS "wise up ghost....and other songs"

not sure how many albums 'the other elvis' has released now but htis is his
latest effort, this time his backing band is The Roots.
The Roots have released a few albums of their own over the years(i own one), but
they are probably best known for their role as the 'in-house studio band' for the
Jimmy Fallon show...
their music is usually of an r+b/funk/urban style, and they have bought this
sound to the ever-changing,never stand in one place too long artist that is
Elvis Costello...
whilst the music is mainly entrenched in the Roots sounds, the lyrics and style
of delivery is still pure Costello...
he has even re-written his old classic "pills and soap" and re-titled it here as
"stick out your tongue". now im not a fan of artists who re-hash old songs
and try to create somthing new out of them(ie..another artist whom i love in
John Fogerty did it earlier this year, and i wont buy that album!)... but in
this case, Costello creates something totally knew apart from the old chorus line...
all up, not a bad album album from Elvis this late in his career, which just goes to show
that "elvis has not left the building"!
rating: 1.8

from the album:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=de-lYs1du0g live solo, my favourite track!

"walk us uptown"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lfhafgiONU video