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Thread: Hello, howdy and bonjour

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    Cool Hello, howdy and bonjour

    Hello everybody.
    as you could of guessed I have a passion for music. I love technical and melodic music. I am a guitarist, I study a lot of classical work but also a lot of progressive metal stuff.
    I am really into Protest The Hero, Jason Becker, Yngwie Malmsteen, some stuff from Between The Buried and Me, The Human Abstract (when they had AJ minette), Jeff Loomis(has an amazing solo album). I also sometimes listen to Necrophagist, mainly for the guitar, and also Cacophony.
    I also enjoy listening to classical artists especially Bach, I love his counter point leads and fugues:)
    I DREAM of someday being a musician as a career and writing melodic, and maybe Baroque style music. It would make me unbelievably happy.
    I am going to start learning piano. For now I can only play guitar. I am a substitute teacher at my local Long and Mcquade music centre.
    If you would like to discuss bands, or music, or musical theory or anything related to music , give me a shout!
    that's pretty much it. I hope to learn and expand my knowledge of music during my stay here:)

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    Hi Fortress, & welcome to Music Discussion.

    Your musical knowledge seems well in advance of mine, as I'm only a listener, but I'm sure we can find plenty to discuss.

    Hope you enjoy the site, & I look forward to getting to know you...

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    You missed 'Gidday' from your title. That may upset our Aussie members. Only kidding mate, welcome to MD.
    With Regards...


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    your intro sounds so much more inspirational than mine haha .
    welcome to music discussion fortress .
    nice to meet you .
    i must say you have a nice taste in music :)

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