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    Hey guys! im young for my taste of music(15), but i love anything hard rock and classic metal from 70's and 80's My all time favorite band is Van Halen. My first concert last may was Van Halens reunion with david lee roth last may and i loved it. I saw motley crue in august godsmack in october. im going to see poison def leppard and cheap trick wihth my girlfriend in june and hopeful to go see kiss this fall. My top favorite bands are Van Halen Guns n roses Motley crue poison KIss Rollin Stones the doors sabbath zeppelin pink floyd dokken ozzy and dio and the list goes forever. some new band si enjoy alot are the used white stripes the raconteurs (i love jack white) blink 182 and a few others. its hard to have to ehar ignorant kids in my school who all rap down the halls to lil wayne and im wearin my van halen t shirt. i feel like i should of been born in the late 70's early 80's lol but eh whatever i like my youth and knowledge of all this music. ask my friends they will tell you i know anything about everything hair metal heavy metal and music. i can name alot of bands they wouldnt even known exist. well if u like metal we got discussion! hope my stay heres well!

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    Two intros !! You are enthusiastic ...

    Same welcome message I made to your other intro...

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    You must know a lot about music.

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    haha i Made to intros cuz i didnt think the other posted but they both did! i like this one better anyways. but yeah my music knowledge is pretty large hopefully rock will take over with some great new music soon!

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    welcome - your intro made me laugh!

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    It really is saddening how kids in high school now listen to all this junk that MTV hand feeds them and think they've got good stuff. I'll admit I listen to everything but I appreciate the older stuff the most, I think. Back when music was still made by instruments, and bands consisted of members playing those instruments. Or at least rocking out holding instruments on stage, pretending to play them. I'm going to stop this rant before it gets started....

    Rock on for loving Poison. I just saw Bret Michaels not long ago. Wasn't a bad show. :)

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    Hooray! I am 16 and feel exactly the same way - i'm tired of everyone our age just getting excited by the latest (in my opinion) rubbish rap or superficial pop song then moving on as soon as the charts change...i'm also a huge fan of guns 'n roses, rolling stones, led zep, poison....and also raconteurs / white stripes in terms of new stuff. Delighted to meet someone of similar views. I mean, my interest extends also into old folk / country stuff, don't know if that's your scene as such but it certainly pushes me further into the category of having weird taste in music for my age! Glad i'm not alone. Rock on \m/

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    haha woww =)

    i love rock and metal. actually, I love everything..

    you like metallica?

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