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Thread: how could i find out the name of a song that i don't even know the lyric?

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    Default how could i find out the name of a song that i don't even know the lyric?

    hello there everyone. i've heard a wonderful song when i am catching bus awhile ago, but its very noisy inside the bus so i couldn't hear any lyrics of the song at all but i loved it! its a beautiful, very passionate sweet song sung by a female singer, according to its rhythm i think it's more likely to be a love song. i've contacted few of the local music radio channels and asked them for the name of the song but none of them could provide me the information i wish to know. so may i ask you guys is there any way for me to find out the name of this song if i don't know it's name and lyrics? i really like this song so badly so please help my friends, many thanks!

    PS: maybe that's not a bad idea to search this song in the music library, i definitely could recognise the song if i hear it again. but i would have to listen to all the songs under the love song category one by one which is quiet time consuming unfortunately.

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    If you know the melody but not the lyrics, you could try this website:

    It allows you to tap out the beat and gives you a list of possible songs. :)

    Hope that helped. :D

    - PUC

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    We suggest searching the suggestions that it gives you on YouTube instead of going with the "listen to the ringtone" option, because it redirects you to a dodgy ringtone site :/ but the actual identification bit is handy.

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    thanks for the link and the suggestions my friend. i will try and see if i could find out the name of the song. but i've already forgot the melody of the song which is quiet awkward hehe, thanks alot anyway.

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    sorry to bother you again guys i've tried my best but couldn't found the song due to my poor memory, i can't remember its melody any more (its been 9 months since i heard it). but if i could have a chance to listen to it again i would recognize the song immediately! so may i ask you guys are there any online music libraries that i could use to find the name of the song out, all i need to do is to enter the sex of the singer, the type of the song then i can find it out by listen to the songs one by one. please help guys and i am very much appreciated, thanks!

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    one time for a video I was looking for that silly song that usually plays when people do silly things in fast motion. I literally typed in google "what song goes dununun nun nun nun nun nun nun nyanunnyanunnyan nyaaaannnunnn" and i shit you not it directed me right to it. wish I could remember what it was called now

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    hey guys i heard the song again today, again its on the bus. i asked the driver the name of the channel immediately and he told me it. then when i back home, i visit the site of that radio channel and found there is no song played during that time. how sad and disappointing...

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