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    MarkChart Music Festival - Awarding
    hey there, this is markchart, just search me on youtube

    this coming october i will be conducting a music awarding.
    and i want you to participate in giving me a nominees for the following category.

    Best Male Song:
    Best Female Song:
    Best Music Video:
    Best Rock Song:
    Best Love Song:
    Best Song with a Social Message:
    Best Pop Song:
    Best Hip Hop Song:
    Best Collaboration:
    Best Song of the Year:

    each category, i want you to nominate three songs. :)
    and on september 20,2013 is the deadline for it.

    the songs that nominated the most will win the specific category.
    only 2013 songs are allowed to be nominated
    nominating means you are also voting for that songs

    here are the examples for you to follow :D
    Best Male Song:
    ex. all around the world, when i was your wan, get lucky
    Best Female Song:
    ex. stay, i knew you were trouble, we can't stop
    Best Music Video:
    ex. safe and sound, feel this moment, come and get it
    Best Rock Song:
    ex. here's to never growing up, rock n roll, radioactive
    Best Love Song:
    ex. just give me a reason, when i was your man, stay
    Best Song With a social message:
    ex. people like us, same love, i was here
    Best Pop Song:
    ex. mirrors, come and get it, we can't stop
    Best Hip Hop Song:
    ex. can't hold us, started from the bottom,power trip.
    Best Collaboration:
    ex. feel this moment, suit and tie, i need your love
    Best Song Of the Year:
    ex. thrift shop, can't hold us, i knew you were trouble
    feel free to contact me if you have any question.

    and on october 1, 2013 will be the announcing of winners via video.
    hope you can help me with this kind of contest.

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