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Thread: what hip hop music is cool nowadays but not explicit?

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    Default what hip hop music is cool nowadays but not explicit?

    ok, so you guys gotta help me: Iím DJíing this teen dance party, and I want there to be a lot of cool dance music, mostly hip-hop and stuff, but the only problem is: It canít have the words s**t, f**k or n**ger in it. I really need some help with this, since most all of the hip hop songs nowadays that are cool(ie: lil Wayne, Kanye West, etc) have soooo many swearwords in them(note to all: i am not a total square, the reason i canít have swearing is that parents might be around, lol).

    what I want is a list of all your favorite dance/party songs that you think would be suitable for an event that parents might be around.

    *note: if there are swearwords, but you canít really hear them, then thatís ok.

    thanks guys! I look forward to your repliesÖ

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    Mostly hip hop? I know some hip hop artists that don't use that much swearwords but I don't think they're very danceable. Does it really have to be hip hop?

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    well, if it is danceable then heck it could be polka. I'm more looking for songs that are both cool and danceable.

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    Well, there are many electronica albums out there that are danceable. Of course you could use some old disco tracks as well granted they're not a bunch of ignorant hipster dipshits. You know what kind of music those kids like?

    I added some links:

    Or indie. Like Arctic Monkeys or w/e suits you.
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    those are some good songs, I'm not sure if they will like them or not though. They kept requesting Kanye West and Lil Wayne though, when all the parents were sitting, like, a couple feet away and I was like... nooo, I'm not playing Lolipop

    know any songs by those two(Kanye & Wayne) that aren't too profane?

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    Actually, I don't listen to either one of them.

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    heartless and amazing dont swear and their both by kanye

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