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    Hello everyone from MusicDiscussion!

    I don't know a single one of you, but maybe I eventually will.

    So here I have to introduce myself... What can I say? Music is simply my life. It's all I want to do. Listen to music everyday, explore different musical spheres and aspire to maybe have a succesful musical career someday... it's really all I want to do.

    So many artists made their mark in my life so far (I'm only 16), and even though people might say ''hey, it's just music'', no, for me it's way more than that. Music is a lifestyle, and I consider myself as someone who is part of a music lifestyle.

    Notable artists I like are:
    First Aid Kit, my favorite band of the moment and since quite a long time already. They changed my life in so many different ways, I've never loved a band more than I love them right now. They'll probably be my favorite band for many years to come if they keep on doing music, and maybe for life. I can't imagine life without them. It's amazing, they make me cry, the only band able to do that. I don't listen to their music often, just to keep the magic in their songs for when I really need them!

    Mando Diao, probably my second favorite band right now and the ''very first favorite band'' of my life. Even though they're complete strangers where I live and in almost all America, I discovered them when I was only 7 years old! I had forgotten about them for a little while but re-discovered them when I started exploring music when I was 14. They are one heck of an amazing band as well.

    Röyksopp, downtempo/trip-hop duo doing really good music. Their album ''Junior'' is easily in the top 3 of all the albums I've listened to in my life. What I like the most about them is their fantastic exploration of sounds all put up together to make songs that are simply magical.

    The Knife, another electronic duo. Some of their songs give you really strange feelings, it's special. What's special about them is that they sound like nothing you have ever heard before. Listening to their music is a unique experience, and most people will say it totally sucks, but I totally disagree. You have to listen to the whole albums for their work to shine out.

    Those were the main ones, but here's some more that I really love and that I listen to a lot these days as well: Andrew Wyatt, Anna von Hausswolff, Awolnation, Buraka Som Sistema, Caligola, Caribou, Crystal Castles, Das Racist, El Perro Del Mar, Fever Ray, Gram Parsons, Grizzly Bear, Icona Pop, Justice, LCD Soundsystem, Lykke Li, M83, Metric, Miike Snow, Passion Pit, Pendulum, Penguin Prison, Peter Bjorn & John, Peter Morén, Phoenix, Phosphorescent, Styles of Beyond, Teddybears, The Hives, The Staves, The Stills, Two Door Cinema Club, White Lies, Yeasayer...

    Most of them are Swedish, I don't know why, but I love Swedish music, even though I'm not Swedish at all (I'm a ''french-canadian''). This love for Swedish music brought me in Europe, this summer, for the most unbelievable music experience of my life: a trip to Sweden to see my two favorite bands in concert the same night, First Aid Kit and Mando Diao. It was amazing. I was the very first fan in the very middle at the very front, unique feeling, like if they were playing just for you!

    Anyways, now I'm here, on this forum. I'd like to meet people with similar music tastes and just talk about the wonderful world of music!

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    hi and welcome to MD...

    love your introduction, seems like a lot of thought went into creating it....i look foreward to reading more 'creative' posts from you in the future

    i have albums by M83 and Grizzly Bear....not keen on Grizzly and M83, find them to be very 'retro' 1980s,infact their album i own is near the top of my 'to play' list!

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    very nice intro
    of those mentioned Gram Parsons would fit me best
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