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Thread: How do you promote your indie music?

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    Default How do you promote your indie music?

    What do you do online and offline to push your music and yourself? What no and low cost methods and tricks have worked to share with your fellow indies and unsigned artists?

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    A lot of people are releasing their music into the public domain for free. For example I listen to free music at
    I think its a great idea, who needs record companies anyway? They get a following and play concerts where they make the real money.

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    places like myspace and facebook are free and seem to be doing a lot of bands out there the world of good just by being social... I found my absolute fav band of all time through myspace so it definitely works

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    Default Editors are very important

    The problem with myspace and facebook is that artists are not edited. So there is a lot of junk to sift through to find a good artist. If anything the record companies were good for editing their catalog and only presenting the best artists whose popularity was driven "mostly" by talent.. At least prior to Britney Spears.

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    Myspace, facebook and Youtube are all massive promotional tools. Flyering always helps, although you should really pay for a license to do it :-) Gigging is the best way to promote a band tho!

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    The internet is the most sufficient way for getting people to know about you...
    myspace,facebook ect.

    getting out and playing gigs to different people is the best and obviously the most enjoyable way to do it.
    branch out, play in places you wouldnt normally play.. if 1 or 2 new people like you, just hope they spread your name by word of mouth.

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