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Thread: Gem - HipHop Recording Artist + Songwriter

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    Hey guys! I really need your help he is a Hip-hop Recording Artist/Songwriter from Toronto Canada [UNSIGNED HYPE].
    He wanna make it big in the music industry but he needs a large audience to like his OWN music and LIKE his Facebook Fan Page.
    I am begging you to please hit the LIKE button on the Facebook Fan Page of my friend. This would mean a lot to me and to him. WE SIMPLY THANK YOU...
    Just click this Gem's Facebook Fan Page please and press LIKE. Thank you !

    Listen to one of his tracks <font size="2"> Let's support him !

    Follow: Gem's Instagram

    Follow: Gem's Twitter

    Subscribe: Gem's YouTube

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    The video quality and production quality is perfect. There are definitely some major positive points to the song. Very happy its not talking about the same junk that most people rap about as well. So props to you. Will happily trade facebook likes with you. Need some likes on my page as well. -M. R. Thompson

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