The band was formed in 2008. At that time the musicians from the band The Territory of Sleep invited Evgeny Gubsky as a vocalist to pilot a new project named Black Rose. This lineup existed for about a year being involved in the creative search of their own style and writing new songs.

However soon they disbanded for various reasons irrelevant to music. Only a vocalist and a drummer stayed in the band. Half a year later they started searching for the new musicians.

Evgeny Kalinin, a promising guitarist, was the first to join them. He performed the part of rhythm-guitar. Later the talented bass guitarist Artiom Khotimko lined up. And the youngest but high-potential drummer Vlad Vysokih replaced Pavel Yankovskiy. And finally solo guitarist Vladimir Gabidulin made the lineup of the band complete. Then in 2012 Nikita Didenko started working with them as a guitarist while Vladimir Gabidulin retrained as a bass guitarist.

The decision to call the band Crowblack was caused by the numerous changes in style and in the manner of performance of the former band.

So far Crowblack has participated in a number of concerts in Minsk in such clubs as Reactor, Jolly Roger, Saltime, R-Club and finally in RE:Public as the most famous rock-club in Minsk.

It worth mentioning that on February 20, 2013 Crowblack released the long-awaited album Dark Hearts United!!!

Now the musicians are busy with the work on new material.

The style of the band can be characterized as Dark Rock, similar to the musical style of the band Poisonblack which inspired their creative work. The moderate heaviness of music, the lyrical male vocal, beautiful tunes all this comprises Crowblack.

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