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Thread: South african international music contest

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    Default South african international music contest

    In honor of the great south african legend, Nelson Mandela, the south african government is organizing an international music challenge and contestants are invited world wide. All approved contestants on arrival in johannesburg will receive $50,000 for participating. At the start of the contest, invitees will be divided into groups of 5 persons each. These 5 persons will work as a team to win the ground prize of the contest $10,000000 ($10M) which they will share. Participants who make it to group stage but could not win will receive $1M as a group. You can start the screening process now. All you need to do is send your details like these:

    Full name:
    Educational level:
    Role: this can be singing, playing any organ or any thing related to music you can do

    All screening forms should be forwarded to

    If you are lucky and approved, you will get a response from them, the government will take care of your feeding, transport, e.t.c until the contest ends.

    ENTER NOW. Good luck.

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    if you have further questions, feel free to pm me. Thank you.

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