ove is a lullaby,it needs no reason why , it s a simple tune
on a hot night , a hot night in June,
under a flaming a flaming full moon

Hi ,this is beas blog ,BEA SOUNDSTATION VIENNA,

And of course: please, let me introduce myself, i m a singer and song-writer, I `m a one woman band, a single act, someone who `s insisting on doing her own thing ,instead of
living it all up to someone s expectation: MAYBE it `s MAINSTREAM;MAYBE its not.
Still it`s defenitly LIFE stream, GOING WITH THE FLOW: music is a devine gift , hidden in the moment, in the strength of inspiration, if you can take it :life is full of miracles.
But music also is a lot about patterns, how to feel, what to say as a slave of illusion,its about
Styles, revivals, survivals, castings-and come back shows, hit lists and no goes.
Well, where to go and when to turn, hand in hand with fashion?
Its about clips and tips, topless girls with curls. Itīs all about habits and laws of emotion, were trained in. So why not break free? Find a new pattern, that`s avantgarde, man, breaking through against the wall, man, that`s all man, we`re all the same man, human race man, out in space man, with a heart and a soul and a face man, touching grace ,man.

SO WELL: righty, righty, right , I write the lyrics, I play the sound on the keyboard, as I am featuring myself : im lookin good, I `m acting fine but I am not everybody `s darling,
Quick times , quick messages, extremes in advertizing and verbalizing. Acrobats are coming up , with a new beat , a new cut in our brain, a new civilization of technological patterns.
And with the stars it`s the same:I used to like them , I have my favorites, but sometimes, just recently, I cannot recognize them : who are those people ? Every five seconds a new bone structure, makesAndy Warhol look pretty old ,down in silicon valley, down the alley, down route 66 just for kicks.

Yeah, Igot a story on my tongue that I cant tell,I got a feeling in my heart, that`s hard to sell.
I got all that you need, just give me the beat, funny line , isn’t it?

Of course ,the truth `s not something,

everybody likes to hear.Yea, from the moment that you`re born , t hey like to tell ya that the WORLD is sweet and warm, they like to put you on,its not that warm

Of course , there are other songs, really blown up songs, so called big emotion songs,
and there is absolutely no other song, thatīīs a bigger blownup ,than Celin Dion `s
:and my heart will go on.
Its looking great, her, singing her heart out in front of the biggiest ocean liner ever,
but when you hear ithat song on tv ,in the back of a blown up hair shampoo advertizing , it`s fading out it`s shrinking.

.Oh, I `m more a singer song- writing , I like art and poetry, and sometimes I `m into screen writing and real life digitals, I believe in the music of language and the wisdom of the words,they come from inspiration and the ability to live it up to the moment.
In the early days of music, there was this fresh spirit to turn where it comes from ,instead of cooking it up again and again The courage to say, what`s on our mind ,and the strength to
express, how we īre feeling .
.We were proud of our personal artists, who spoke to us in real words that came from the heart, We thank them very much, for being somebodies instead of everybodies in a crowd of lookalikes, in a time that`s filled with slogans.
Hey,` no one I see, is in my tree, I mean ,it must be high or low, -this is , I THINK; I DISAGREE,
strawberry fields forever !`

pleased to meet you !