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Thread: What is the title and artist? - American folk/comedy circa 1979

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    Default What is the title and artist? - American folk/comedy circa 1979

    Hello all.
    I really hope some song guru(s) can fill in the blanks. I'm beginning to think I'm imagining this song!

    I'll do my best to describe it. I dont really remember any of the specific lyrics.
    It is in the style of Mac Davis, Ray Stevens, and Jim Stafford's folk/ballad type comedy songs. I've researched all of them as good as Google gets with no luck. I've not seen anything that rings the memory bell.

    The song is "set" in a bar and the male singer is rating women on the Bo Derek "10" scale of the era...
    paraphrased..."...a 10 would fit right in....a 9 would be fine....." etc, or something similar. At the end he sings that she has used the same scale to berate him, his cloths, hair, beerbelly, etc and ends up rating him as a 2 as I recall.
    It is a really cute song but I cant find the title or who did it. It was on the juke box at the local watering hole I frequented in the 70's.
    I've pondered and searched for the answer for many years. This is the first time I've tried posting the question to a forum. If there are any other places I could try, please let me know.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Bobby Bare - Numbers
    written by Shel Silverstein
    great song

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    another good "numbers" song...well similar anyway??? audio

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    AHHHHH!...Bobby Bare! I dont know how I overlooked him from that era.

    Yup, that's the one. Your efforts are much appreciated. Every time I tried to ask people I know they looked at me like I lost my mind....I was beginning to think so Prolly the poor clues a had but it was all I could remember....had a few cold ones and a few hours sleep since

    Yeah that Ten With A Two cut is cute too. I remember when KC's version came out, but I didnt know Willie had cut a version too. Both now to be added to my dl list and archive.
    I'll try to keep an eye on the Name That Tune area and maybe I can contribute to another's failing menory.
    Thanks Guys!

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    I like Bobby Bare!! This is my fave song he sings!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rebelgirl View Post
    I like Bobby Bare!! This is my fave song he sings!!
    Yes, that is a good one too.

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