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Thread: Please help, i need to find out the name of this track :))

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    Default Please help, i need to find out the name of this track :))

    Hello, everyone :)) So, a few weeks ago i listened to an incredible house track,it basically hypnotised me. I did not however use Shazam .... And i have no idea how to find it. I've heard it only once and there were no lyrics whatsoever so I tried to simulate the notes. Here is the closest to the original notes that I created xD What is kind of special is that those notes that I present now during the track were actually like someone whistling
    or woo hoo-ing. Other than that there is a typical house beat. Please, I would appreciate any help :))

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    shame they werent hoo-hoo-ing as i am an expert with that sound so i cant help with the woo-hoo, sorry

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    boo-hoo is more my thing
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