Hello everyone,
by recommendation of a friend I came here looking for advice. I'm making short videos, kinda like ads and need a good soundtrack for them.

I'll list what kind of music I find good for them and hopefully you will be able to recommend some similar songs to me. Tnx in advance all!

Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behind
Prodigy feat. Tom Morello - One Man Army
The Crystal Method & Filter - (Can't You) Trip Like I Do - Spawn OST
Fluke - Absurd
Rob Dougan - Furious Angel (Instrumental)
Rob Zombie - Reload
Overseer - Supermoves
Overseer - skylight
Dylan Rhymes - Naked & ashamed
Paul Oakenfold - ready steady goFirestarter evil remix by Illegal Operations
The Crystal Method - Weapons of mass distortion
The Crystal Method - Keep hope alive