Ok, i seriously need your guys' help! I'm desperate by this point considering I've been trying to find the band and/or song title of a song and I just can't find any or both anywhere! I have an MP3 player with this amazing song on it, I'm literally blown away by it. Thankfully I know some of the lyrics. It has a few screamo parts in it, along with the screamo voice saying "Angel". Here are some of the lyrics starting with.. "Let that cigarette sting in my skin and burn a hole in my exterior, let that filter remove my deceit..(screamo part)" then later.. "sleep now my angel and wait for me in a world after this, where we can be happy again, may your creator have a plan for me as well.."
Please, I've done everything to find it. Searched all over the internet, YouTube, asked people.. everything. This is very well my favorite song, if only I had a name.. help hunting this down would be VERY VERY appreciated!! It's driving me nuts!