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Thread: Foreign Language Lyrics

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    Default Foreign Language Lyrics

    English speaking listeners are very fortunate in that most lyrics are delivered in English.

    But, two points arise:

    - Do foreign language lyrics deter you from engaging with music ?? I don't personally have too many foreign language albums, but feel that this is bothering me less & less. Although I'm aware that I'm missing part of the message, I'm quite happy to listen to unintelligible lyrics, and just to consider them as another instrument.

    - For anyone with English as a second language, the amount this bothers you must depend on your proficiency, but there is still music out there with lyrics in unfamiliar languages. What's your experience ??

    Thoughts, discussion etc...

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    I don't mind some foreign language lyrics actually if the music is good enough and yes if you don't understand it it just becomes another musical component.

    I suppose I would listen to Irish, French and increasingly Japanese . The French I find the most distracting as I know enough to understand most of it but as I'm not fluent, I'm translating in my head rather than listening.

    (Also I have can sing along to 99 Luftballoons - sounds much better in German!)

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    It doesn't bother me most of the time. I'm not big on lyrics anyways and don't really pay attention to them in songs sung in English. I've gotten into Bossa Nova and other South American music styles in the past year. I don't want to listen to those songs in English. They wouldn't "feel" right.

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    I don't really care which language the lyrics are in. I listen to English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Tamajaq (Tuareg language), other Arabian music and some Greek stuff and it doesn't bother me at all.

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