Hey all! This was a poem I wrote a while ago, but it's the only one with a few rhymes in it that actually seems a little decent. They're not really lyrics, well, I haven't tried putting them to music so I'm not calling them lyrics...yet. Anywho enjoy this. I seem to write a lot better when I'm not focusing on rhymes-does that happen to anyone else?

You watch a scene
And glimpse a moment
Accounting for your status
Maybe the reasons aren't clear
But you can still feel it

It was a look
That reminded you
Of the unforgivable
A shriveled heart thrown to waste
No illusions this time

Your stupid mind
It pulled the trigger
Sent an abundance of pain
Through your soul, back to your chest
Does that make any sense?

But is it a hurt?
Or a pain of joy?
Is it a sink?
Or a jolt in the void?

Then there was a kiss
And the flashbacks flooded
And your confidence frayed

As did your ego
As did your conscience
As I was on the other line
Vodka-soaked tears
Revitalised my fears
And in that instant I knew

It wasn't your hurt
It wasn't your pain
It wasn't an act
Of your memory-ridden brain

It was a reminder of your mistake
That only another fool could make
And when that time comes, I'll feel sorry for him