Hi Everyone!

I signed up since my boyfriend has recently signed his first record deal with “X” label, the label want to register him on Vevo for his music video and are applying heavy pressure for him to allow them to do this, he's getting stressed over this so if it's ok with you can I ask the following Questions? Maybe someone here knows..

1. If the label were to register my boyfriends page, who has the control over the Artist page?

2. Can my boyfriend change details on that page without consulting the label or vice versa?

3. What money is generated by being listed on Vevo as an Artist? Or is it purely a way of being promoted?

4. Are Artists Video’s monetised? If the label register’s on the Artists behalf will they get a larger share of any revenue?

5. If a dispute breaks out between the Artist and the label, is there an overseer that can be contacted to decide on disputes? like an Arbitrator?

6. Once a label register’s an Artist, does this give them the right to show other videos made by the Artist on the Artists page, post whatever videos they want while he was signed to another label and continue to operate his twitter, myspace, instagram, youtube pintrest links and control all traffic to his web site even directing traffic to another web site as per justin timberlake's vevo page

7. Can an Artist be forced to accept the label registering him? Does the Artist have to give permission first? What is to stop a label registering an Artist without being consulted?

8. Why does a label want to register an Artist? What is the benefit for the Artist by allowing this?

9. Final question, can the Artist register or block registration of his name on Vevo until such time as an agreement has been reached with the label? If so, how would the Artists go about this?

Thanks all, My Boyfriend is phreaking out over this and I'm not sure if he has a point or not (I'm not musically gifted) but hopefully some of you on here can explain this to me.. one of his friends said that he signed with a label recently and it was written in to his contract that the label would have control of his vevo page, this just seems odd to me, what is in it for the label? I thought vevo was for the artists?

Ok, thanks all in advance
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