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Thread: My song, ALL feedback is much appreciated!

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    Default My song, ALL feedback is much appreciated!

    I have this song on youtube and ive gotten all positive feedback.
    Im curious as to what people think of solely the lyrics

    A grown woman
    just a child without innocence
    wants to be a kid again
    but she lacks the ignorance damn
    she hates this world it s a fucked up world we live in
    we all get tired wonder if lifes worth living
    were too young for all these problems we have babies makin babies
    everybodys breaking hearts with the victims creating victims
    its sickenin i know
    but im caught up in it too
    in your teary eyes i see the shit the world has put you thru
    ive been thru all the games i swear i caught a disease
    now theres a monster deep inside me that demands to be pleased
    I, try to stop but baby i dont control it so i break another heart
    and it seems pleased for the moment
    i dont feel my emotions so i feed of yours
    i need a beautiful girl to come and lift this curse, help me
    swim good now im fighting the tide
    when you feel no emotions it makes them easy to hide
    i know there still somewhere there somewhere deep inside me
    this monster needs fresh hearts but baby dont provide me
    (just the first verse, i finished the whole song.)
    let me know what you think, if you wanna hear how it actually flows
    check it out

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    hey their charlie,the thing is actualy just needs more attention,and working on alot.the verse is
    really working out for me.great.

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    Really like the lyrics. Very relate-able to life man.

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