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Thread: JOHN FOGERTY "wrote a song for everyone"

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    Default JOHN FOGERTY "wrote a song for everyone"

    JOHN FOGERTY "wrote a song for everyone"

    new album from the Creedence Clearwater Revival's principle writer and vocalist...
    well, not a new album really, just a covers album of his own material...
    only this one has guest appearances by other artists in the form of duets, so
    i guess that means its a duet-covers album???!!
    i have been dreading this one since i heard about it a while ago, so the result doesnt
    surprise me in the slightest...
    i guess the only real bonus for it is that a new generation of music lovers might
    appreciate this and go back over his back catalogue and listen to the classic versions
    that are on offer here...
    i will eventually get this one when it goes down in price, but only in order to keep my
    CCR/Fogerty collection complete...see below for a list of of the tracks on the album
    and a list of guest stars who appear on it..

    Track Listings
    1. Fortunate Son (with Foo Fighters)
    2. Almost Saturday Night (with Keith Urban)
    3. Lodi (with Shane and Tyler Fogerty)
    4. Mystic Highway
    5. Wrote a Song for Everyone(with Miranda Lambert, feat. Tom Morello)
    6. Bad Moon Rising (with Zac Brown Band)
    7. Long As I Can See the Light (with My Morning Jacket )
    8. Born on the Bayou (with Kid Rock)
    9. Train of Fools
    10. Someday Never Comes (with Dawes)
    11. Who'll Stop the Rain (with Bob Seger)
    12. Hot Rod Heart (with Brad Paisley)
    13. Have You Ever Seen the Rain (with Alan Jackson)
    14. Proud Mary (with Jennifer Hudson, feat. Allen Toussaint and Rebirth Brass Band)

    from the album:

    "fortunate son" live

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    oops, forgot to give it my score....1.4, sorry John, been a fan too long to hear you re-record your classics mate!

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    even the guests do nothing for me
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    i was curious as to what Foo Fighters would bring to the album...was expecting some real Foo's heavy grunge but it didnt happen!

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