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Thread: Should we allow first time posters to post myspace links

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    Default Should we allow first time posters to post myspace links

    OK, I want to open up this discussion and get all point of views across before we make any changes to our registrations process and site usage rules.

    For first timer Music Discussion members, should they be allowed to promote a myspace band? If done sensibly and posted only on one board.

    The reason why I open this discussion, is simply because a lot of potential new members are asking to do this.

    The current policy is to remove any posts from new members containing a link (within reason).

    Please have your vote, and feel free to have your say regarding this matter. Are these posts something you don't mind reading?
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    This is a good example.

    I have invited to thread owner to join in on this debate.
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    I say no. I think most will post once and never again. That's why we don't allow links from new members. I think most of those potential new members will act this way. They won't contribute to MD.

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    I say no for much the same reasons as Jon. If the consensus is otherwise, I'm sure I'll be able to live with it though.

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