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    Hi everyone, I have just recently started a YouTube channel in which I am releasing songs that I have interpreted and performed.

    I am an R&B vocalist, but have been singing for 10 years and have been classically trained.

    The Project that I have done is simply to show my strong vocal capability and teach myself basic recording techniques (gotta crawl before you can walk), and whilst releasing these songs, I am currently writing my own original songs that i will probably get mastered and release at a later date.


    I believe that the music is of high enough standard, but how can a new singer establish an online presence and following?

    I need the public to at least here my music and click on it.

    So far I have released some "chartsy" songs, but i also have alot of songs that are more standard R&B, rather then Pop-R&B

    Thanks, here is the link

    ps. Sorry I posted in the main section as well, Feel free to delete this one
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