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Thread: The lost Letters (New wave electronic music)

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    Default The lost Letters (New wave electronic music)

    Single: The lost letters

    Artist : Cristian Soriano

    Label : Nomad Wave

    Genre: New Wave

    Format MP3/WAV

    Listen it here

    The main basis of this numerical work is the number 8. Cristian Soriano decides to mix again his great works, this time with a magnifying glass and set square. The result is an octahedral wave based on equality between the masculine and feminine achieving by this way the harmony based on everything.

    This single is a compilation of letters that the artist wrote enough time ago and he decided remixed again after discover on the winter of the year 2012 the numbers of the creation. The numbers of creation is a numerical code used in the structure of his work, this code allows him to engage each piece accurately and fast.


    I found you

    Mientras te esperaba

    Deseo que estes...

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