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Thread: Tina Parol next big thing ?

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    Default Tina Parol next big thing ?

    I like this new artist Tina Parol. Her songs are catchy and her voice is great :). NO THIRD PARTY LINKS ALLOWED. Tell me what you think. Her music is also on Myspace . Listen to the song who’s got your money, she sounds kind of like Kelly Clarkson
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    idk... so you're not open to new music? you shouldn't be close-minded about telling you she's really good. she has a great sound and she doesnt just sing she writes ...she even wrote some stuff for britney spears

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    No I'm not. I'm sitting in my silent cubbyhole listening to music my parents showed me when I was a baby because I'm so close-minded about new music. Seriously though, let me get this straight: No, I'm not and will never be open to some shitty pop artists who sound like a bag of shit doing a cartwheel and I'm presumably more open-minded than you will probably ever be.

    Btw: writing stuff for Britney isn't a huge advantage.

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    i like her

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    tina parol sounds good

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    Default agreed

    She reminds me of Nelly Furtado meets Lily Allen moreso than Kelly Clarkson. She's cute and her song "Who's got your money" has got to be one of the most contagious songs right now. They damn tune is just too catchy. I think she'll be on the rise soon if she keeps coming out with music like this.

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