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Thread: What are your favorite songs that repeats?

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    Default What are your favorite songs that repeats?

    Songs that you listen to over and over because you like how certain parts of the song repeat, or loops over and over. For example, songs like "Because" by the Beatles, or "Will I" by Rent. Or a song where it keeps repeating as it fades out like "Free Falling" by Tom Petty or "Hotel California" by The Eagles. Songs you wish didn't end!

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    if it didn't end, it wouldn't take long before you wish it did
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    Usually after listening to a song over and over and over...and over, you want it to just turn itself off. But there are a few songs that when listening to I will play the same parts over and over ( eventually I'll move on though). I think one of the greatest illustrations of this for me is YES's Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day ( I feel as thought i have spoken about this song too much on this site, oh well ) there are many parts I replay but one is the part, when it moves out of the slow verse, that starts "Fire running wild,burning in the night, chasing in the wind, shadows always dance in the rain." That whole verse is great, and makes me want to just bang spoons on pans and jump around.
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