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    Default Hello everyone

    Hi everyone. As my name suggests I like goth and industrial music, heavy metal (including thrash and death metal) and various forms of electronic dance music (especially IDM, old skool rave and Psy Trance).

    But I have really, really varied tastes and I also like a bit of Soul, a bit of Rap, Classic Rock, some Indie, Classical music, some Jazz (although I'm very picky with jazz) - and I'm starting to explore reggae and world music. I even like some pop music (mostly girly stuff like Sugababes or Rihanna).

    I like to explore different forms of music and it always surprises me when people can't understand how I like things that are very different from each other. The way I see it I am a complicated person with many layers who has many different sides to my personality - so I see nothing wrong with liking apparently contradictory types of music. Why would anyone want to experience only one thing all the time? Perhaps it helps to express the many contradictory sides to my own personality or something.

    Having said that - the music I like best is music that has some kind of edge to it - music that is either hard, or dark, or experimental in some way.

    But I also can enjoy music in the more traditional sense - that expresses emotions through melody and lyrics.

    So I have varied tastes.

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    Hi GMR, & welcome to Music Discussion.

    You certainly do have varied tastes, & I think that's a very good thing. I hereby award you with the title of "Member With Most Varied Musical Tastes That Joined on March 11th 2009"

    Hope you enjoy the forum, & I look forward to getting to know you.

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