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    I tell you what, I'm sick to death of hearing shitty musicians from crappy bands complaining about "the music scene"......They can't play to save their lives and they still complain about competitions....losers! they never get to play anywhere and when they do it through a competition, they always find excuses and complain. I saw my mates doing the Emergenza competition and thought they were great! The competition was not a second late when putting bands on stage and they run a tight ship. Any of these immature twats would never play anywhere if it wasn't for this Emergenza thing I reckon.....
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    Mate, I did it and ended up at The Kentish Town Forum which is a place I would never dream of playing otherwise!

    Have a great video and fond memories of the whole experience. **** those kids! They just complain for the sake of complaining! They wake up in the morning and find out what they want to complain about! I reckon they should pull their finger out of their arseholes and get rocking! Emergenza still gives them a stage and they still complain!.....they should just choose a different passtime I reckon...idiots!

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