Hey guys,this is my song,motive and lyrics are mine,but arranger is not me,from friend of mine.He is rock artist,so he made the arranging more or less like 80’s song…Do not judge too strictly…Yeah and I`m looking for producer to work with.Originally I`m from Kazakhstan,but studying and most of time spending in Ireland.Arranger is from Finland,so I just sent him my voice record and he liked it,so he made this demo.I got a lot of songs,and almost all of them are hits,I`m not exaggerating ) Cause I`m making songs in my head from young age,and wasn`t even realizing what I’m doing till I get 17.So if you have questions and suggestions in collaboration,or making music,or you are singer who is looking for songs,call me,send me message or whatever.Right now i`m in the beginning of my career,so catch up your chance,when you got it.Cause the only talent I have is music.Sorry If I look like a bit selfish)Peace! HERE IS THE SONG- http://f.cl.ly/items/073Q3g3H050T3N3...g_20130503.mp3