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Thread: Lady Gaga

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    Default Lady Gaga

    I’ve been beyond obsessed with the Lady Gaga album this year. ive yet to see her live, sadly....but for now i have been in search of ringtones for her for her whole album. My sister (finally good for something haha) passed along that I could get a literal catalogue selection of Gaga ringtones (texted Gaga to 30303) she found it on some blog (maybe perez or something. cant remember!).

    Needless to say I pretty much downloaded all of them. Haha. Felt like sharing this with others. consider it a gift to you after a long search on my behalf! haha
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    Personally, I wouldn't be caught dead with a Lady GaGa ringtone on my phone. She dresses like a cheap prostitute and sings like one as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monicaboo87 View Post
    Felt like sharing this with others. consider it a gift to you after a long search on my behalf! haha
    I'm at loss for words to express my gratefulness.

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    My sister loves Lady Gaga

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    i like her new song think its called love game

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    she's okay. although all i've really heard from her is poker face and just dance and i liked what i heard

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    Default I might dl it.

    Ahahaha. I can just imagine people around you dancing every time your phone rings huh? She's one of those artists who's songs force you to mouth the words and at least bob your head every time you hear it...

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    Thanks Monica!

    I had the "Just Dance" ringtone on my cell- and it rung at the mall, and then this young couple started dancing. Haha, it was hilarious! Lady GaGa is amazing- and her album "Fame" is high on the charts!

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    Default Lady Gaga

    I totally disagree. Lady Gaga is awsome! Shes a really talented singer and songwriter.

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    okay guys, no offence to you but i really don't think any of you have any idea what you are talking about or about even who lady ga ga is.

    lady ga ga was some chick with an okay voice who heard a couple of guy bands talking about playing the field with one night stands and got pissed. instead of complaning like a little bitch (excuse my language, i really try not to curse) she decided to rebel by being a girl playing the guys in the same way they played women.. unfortunately she took this good idea and turned it into her entire theme making herself seem absolutly promiscous(slutty) and single track minded (which is hard to tell if she is or not). her music has brought something original to the music world but also something just as bad as the music she was rebelling against. another sex fiend has entered the musicians community, the only difference is she's a female. maybe she was just looking for the fame associated with being the first to do this but it makes me feel like she is unsubtly, a tramp. i think if her lyrics were better or at least slightly more pure my impression of her would be different and that i would actually like, respect, and listen to her music.

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