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Thread: Greetings fellow music lovers :)

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    I come from northern Sweden and have had a passion in music for many years, as a young kid i listened to pop music on the radio as internet and computers were not yet capable of playing music, much less the storage capacity to store audio files. Then one day at a friends place i got to hear a music style i have never heard before. The track was BBE - Seven days and one Week, after that i was hooked. Downloading music started pretty much the day i got my first internet connection. Back in school i started taking guitar lessions but quit after a few years when i thought that the future in school wouldent leave enough time to continue. From here on out i did not have much contact with instruments, and eventually also quit playing with these "Dance Ejay" programs.

    Around Christmas of 2012 i went and got Fl Studio 10(had already downloaded the earlier versions a few times over the years but neber figured out how they worked and thus deleted them) and just a few weeks later i bought a usb midi keyboard off a coworker for just 20 euros, since then i've planned to learn to play a piano and produce my own music.
    So far i've started out by trying to make remixes of songs i like, my first remix was Clocks by Coldplay took me a few months to make as i also had to learn how FL works in the process, it is still a work in progress about a half year later, despite help from youtube.

    My second remix was Flying High by DCX and took no more than a weekend and was done 100% by ear, and according to a few friends of mine turned out really well.

    This is a brief background of my history in music.
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