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    Default New Here

    Hi - as you might have gussed, i'm new here. I came across this site in an attempt to find people with the same musical tastes as me, as the people I know have pretty much the opposite of what i do.
    I'm into alternative rock and grunge mainly, but i do like standard rock bands like Guns N' Roses, and older stuff like Blackfoot and Rainbow.
    Hopefully someone shares my tastes :)

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    Hey - welcome to the forum

    I'm sure you'll find plenty of people here who are willing to comment on your musical taste! I'm not a big classic rock fan - definitely lean more to the alternative side.

    ( I also must admit to liking a lot of music that my son listens to - indie, emo and.......yes........some 'new rave' - bless his little hipster heart!)

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    Hello CrazyHorse, and welcome to MD.

    I guess some of our tastes will overlap, although my listening can be a bit all-over-the-place.

    I'm sure you'll manage to engage some of us in Rock/Grunge talk, & I look forward to getting to know you..

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    Hi Crazyhorse and welcome to MD! I see you have been busy throughout the boards and making yourself right at home. :biggrin"

    I too tend to enjoy different genres of music then any of my friends, so look for other outlets to share. For reference, I am your basic rock and blues chick, but oddly enough and for reasons I cannot explain, it seems the older, my tastes are running more on the metal side of rock.
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