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Thread: Need help finding a music Genre

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    Question Need help finding a music Genre

    Hi there,

    My name is Dan and I am posting here to ask for help in finding a genre of music that I want to add to a short film that I recently shot. I have a clear idea of what the music is like but can't find what genre it is - hopefully someone here can help, even if it is just sending me on the right trail.

    The closest thing I have found to this music is traditional french music played on an Accordion. The music seems slightly quirky - the Accordion and the traditional time signature (3/4) are getting very close to what I am looking for. Here is an example:
    It is from the film Amelie and was composed by Yann Tiersen.

    The thing that makes this piece not quite right for my film is that it is slightly too romantic. I need something that is a little bit more quirky with a darker undertone. I have searched a lot of French accordion music and it seems that they are either Major (very up beat, happy and romantic) or Minor (much more sad and solumn) - I am after something that falls somewhere in between.

    Does such a music exist? I think it must! All I want is some traditional French accordion music with a slightly dark, sinister undertone.

    Here is another song that is similar to what I am looking for:

    This is from the video game 'The Neverhood' and is more on the quirky side then the Traditional French side.

    Here is one more song that is sort of what I am after:
    This is Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt. The element of this song that fits my requirement is the emphasis on the 2nd and 4th beat in the bar. Similar to the previous quirky song from the video game 'The Neverhood'.

    This whole post might seem like nonsense but if anyone knows anything about this kind of music, any info would be such a help! I just need something to set me on the right trail!

    The reason I need this music is because I have university interviews coming up in the next few weeks and would like some decent music to put on my film so I can use it in my portfolio.



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    Does anyone have any knowledge on accordion music?

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    I don't think so, dude.

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