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    70's soft rock, 80's disco
    not a fan of either
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    1.0 from me and a converted 2.4 from allmusic

    from the album - One Out Of Two

    released Apr 9th

    Bio - from allmusic

    Breakbot is a French electro producer affiliated with Ed Banger Records. Born Thibaut Berland
    and based in Paris, he initially made a name for himself in 2006 with a remix of Justice's "Let
    There Be Light" that was included on the Waters of Nazareth EP released in Japan. In 2007
    Breakbot made his production debut with the Happy Rabbit EP on the Klee label. In the meantime,
    he established himself as an in-demand remixer, working on tracks by Digitalism, Sebastien
    Tellier, Röyksopp, and many others. Breakbot made his Ed Banger Records production debut with
    Baby I'm Yours in 2010. The title track of the EP features vocals by Irfane, and there are
    remixes by Siriusmo and La Funk Mob. Breakbot resurfaced in 2012 with the debut album By Your
    Side, which featured guest vocals from Irfane, Ruckazoid, and Pacific! The album arrived in the
    States in April 2013.

    Album Review - from allmusic

    The debut album from Parisian producer Breakbot (aka Thibaut Berland) is so unabashedly sweet
    that it's no surprise the album cover features him lovingly rendered in milk and white
    chocolate. However, a can of soda might have been a more accurate choice: By Your Side is full
    of fizzy, catchy fusions of disco, soft rock, and dance that are pop through and through. The
    album's two-part title track, which features guest vocals by Pacific!, defines and encompasses
    the winsome pop and celebratory disco Breakbot does so well as it moves from the first part's
    sugary harmonies to the sidling basslines and laser synths of part two. Several years in the
    making, the album collects many of the singles that came before it, including the winning "One
    Out of Two," which arrived shortly before By Your Side and served as a potent reminder that
    Breakbot's music was even more ultra-stylized and catchy than some of the other Frenchmen who
    have been honing the nexus of these sounds since the '90s. Along with Pacific!, Berland invites
    Ruckazoid and Irfane to give voice to his songs; while the former's sparkling tenor adds some
    Michael Jackson-like thrills to "Fantasy" and "Why," it's the latter who seems to best embody
    Berland's mix of romantic glamour and down-to-earth charm. Irfane shines on the '80s-tinged
    "Baby I'm Yours" and "A Mile Away," and his softer singing style is a perfect fit for the more
    vulnerable vibe of "The Mayfly and the Light" and "Another Dawn." As joyous as most of By Your
    Side is, Breakbot's songs are more teasing promises than full-on euphoria; while this restraint
    is welcome on the album's vocal tracks, at times Berland's instrumental pieces feel a little
    subdued, as on "Programme," where it seems like another part should be dropping into the track
    at any moment but never does. Regardless, By Your Side is a charming debut from a producer with
    an instantly appealing sound.

    Track Listing

    1. Break Of Dawn
    2. Fantasy (Feat. Ruckazoid)
    3. One Out Of Two (Feat. Irfane)
    4. By Your Side Part 1 (Feat. Pacific!)
    5. By Your Side Part 2 (Feat. Pacific!)
    6. You Should Know (Feat. Ruckazoid)
    7. The Mayfly And The Light (Feat. Irfane)
    8. Programme
    9. Easy Fraction
    10. Baby, I'm Yours (Feat. Irfane)
    11. Another Dawn (Feat. Irfane)
    12. Why (Feat. Ruckazoid)
    13. A Mile Away (Feat. Irfane)
    14. Intersection
    15. Peanuts (US Exclusive)
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    very average track there

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