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Thread: Please help me find this music

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    Question Please help me find this music

    I love instrumental music. love music by "Vanessa Mae - The Violin Player" and love similar music.

    Recently i came across two videos where i liked the sound track very much and i have been trying desperately to find the full version...

    I tried to upload these files here but the size restriction is limiting it.. anyway i will upload it to rapidshare and post the link in the text file.

    1) ms.mp3 this is a track from a documentary and i somehow loved this music.... i was wondering if someone could help me find the original or something similar.

    2) ms2.mp3 this is the tract from the french movie "Female Agents" I loved the track music by "Bruno Coulais". I tried to find the full version of this too but i am finding it impossible.

    Cheers :)
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