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Thread: Genre?

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    Thumbs up Genre?

    Hello guys! I just started making some electronic music and this is my first song on youtube:

    But this is not an advertisment neither spam. Actually I wanted to know what genre do you think it is, because I can't guess it...

    It was done at 140bpm, dubstep's average rate, but it really doesnt sound like dubstep (though its got a tremendous drop xD)

    Thank you everyone!

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    I actually wouldn’t have any idea, that is really hard to figure out. It’s actually pretty cool though, very original!

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    It doesn't fit any category. A category of it's own. Not my sort of music. Lacks any melody, plus the bass line often sounds out of tune.
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    Does not really go anywhere or say anything (musically that is). Why is everyone so obsessed with bpm? It seems to me that these days people are composing to a prescribed template. If it isn't so many bpm then it's not relevant. Use your IMAGINATION and create something without looking at what the bpm rate is. A good piece of music is organic, whether electronic or not. You don't have to be a 'slave to the rhythmn'. Create something unique and not something based on a template. Your music sounds like an aural version of an Excel speadsheet. Don't copy - create!
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