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Thread: Where's the best place to buy a tumpet

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    Default Where's the best place to buy a tumpet

    Where's the best place to buy a tumpet

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    A trumpet shop!

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    I bought a Tristar trumpet for less than $100 2 years ago, and it works great. I was worried with a lot of people warning me not to buy the trumpets online, but I have been pleasantly surprised.

    I now recently upgraded to their professional model costing me about $350. And I have been even more pleasantly surprised, because this is none other than a Besson trumpet with stainless steel valves (700 series I think) with the original Besson case! I just realized that they are OEM suppliers to large brands, and have access to the R&D and know how of all these large brands. No wonder link removed can make good trumpets for $100 without having to spend on technology.

    They also have good cornets, I plan to buy one soon. I shall post my comments once I have used them.
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    now that was pretty clever
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