Hello friends in music :)

This seems to be a nice forum and I hope that I am welcome here, to get some answers and to join your community :)
Swedish is my mother language but I lived in the UK for a few years so I learned English pretty good, even though I don't spell that well, I hope that is OK with you. Please tell me if my spelling is too badly, hehe!

My name is Christoffer and was born in Stockholm, Sweden a long time ago ;) Yeah, 40 years almost, so I am beginning to be an old "not-so-famous-rock star", hehe! People call me "Stoffe" that is, and have always been my nickname.

I have been playing the guitar since I was around 13 years old, and played in several rock bands since I was 14. The last band I played with was a rock cover band. We started that band just to get some stage time and for having fun. I sanged as well as played the guitar in that band and we actaully earned some money as well :) Before that I have played in several bands, some more successful than others but a few local hits have been produced :)
Me and my family moved from the big city (yeah, depending on your references right) to a smaller "village" an hour away from Stockholm to give our sons (3 and 5) a little more stable childhood than me and my girlfriend was raised in...
Anyhow.....since then, I haven't more than stepped in at bass, guitar and on song in different bands maybe six or seven times and I really miss being on the stage. That rush is sort of my life.
I have written more than 300 songs and if I'm not mistaken, 17 of them have been recorded to a proper cd (last one was five years ago). Two of them were local radio hits (but not with me as singer :)

So to keep up with my main interest...I have tried a little home recording on my own, and I am trying to learn how to master that. I've been to studios a million times and been sitting beside producers while they have mixed our previous work, and it have always looked so easy. Lately I have found out that producing music is everything but easy. It depends on everything from how close you mic up your amp to levels in your DAW to get a decent result. I am not good at this yet, but I am trying and is determinded to be good at it....some day.....some time :)

I have i soundcloud page where I post my new stuff but so far I haven't got any song that I have given more than a few hours on recording. Yesterday I recorded a song that I basically wrote at the same time. I played it for a few friends today and they think that it could be a good song when it is ready.


Please give me feedback on what you think and if you have any suggestions on changes. I know that the lead guitar sucks a bit but I will remake it.
Remember that I play all the instruments and the vocals in all of these productions and my main instrument would probably be the guitar ;)
Please let me know what you think, good or bad? Enyoj!

Best regards
Christoffer AKA "Stoffe" AKA "Stoffemannen"