BILLY BRAGG "tooth and nail"

ive been a huge Billy Bragg fan since i first heard him in the early 1980s,
but his last three albums have been dissapointments IMO,those albums are
"william bloke","england half english" and " and justice"..
i just checked and i have his previous twelve releases to this his thriteenth
album...i will not be getting this one,four bad releases in a row and he has
lost my interest...
this one is a bit more 'rootsy' than his previous few, lots of folky and country
slide guitar stuff here but very little to ignite a spark IMO.
the usual themes crop up again...lost love,regret, social commentary(1 track),
and a slight politically edged track in "no one knows", which focuses on that
particle accelerator thing in europe...who the hell but Billy could write a song
about that....LOL, the answer is no one!
all up another terrible album overall with only three songs i can say i like on
a first listen and another couple of "iffy" songs at best...not my cup of tea
and as i stated im a huge Bragg fan from the early days of his career...
rating: a dissapointing 1.3

from the album, my favourite track!

"no one knows" vevo video