JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE "the 20/20 experience"

ok, i admit it...i liked his last album 'love sexy/future sounds' album...
so i was interested in hearing the new one, especially after the very good
peformance he did at the Grammys a month or so ago...
this album is full of those soul/r+b sounds of that performance.
the guy has a real smooth voice for that sort of song...
the music is similar in vein to the beaty type stuff MJ was doing
on thriller and bad.
all up, not a bad album at all for what it is, and at least Justin can sing
and doesnt use that dreaded autotune that is in vogue at the moment,
also like the way he conductd himself when interviewed and when he
makes lighthearted guest appearances on shows like "fallon",it all shows the
guy for what he is...someone who is down to earth and doesnt take
his fame too seriously!
rating: 1.7 and has room to move in the future!

from the album:

suit and tie/pusher love
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Gs9PBBCtcA Grammy performance live

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXtEnURrlBY Brit Awards performance live